Call for Projects


Objectives of the call

This call for proposals aims to encourage the implementation of educational activities as part of an artistic or cultural project in the following fields: performing arts, fine arts, visual arts, music, literature, design, multidisciplinary projects, architecture.

It is specifically aimed at artists and cultural structures as well as at active structures for citizenship, integration and social action, producers or organisers, who wish, through specific work or in the frame of a cultural project, to carry out cultural mediation aimed at a young audience between the ages of 3 and 20.

Its objectives are:

  • to awaken the minds and cultural curiosity of children and young people by allowing them to discover in more detail a specific artistic universe and works,
  • to give participants new tools to enable their personal and creative development,
  • to actively involve children and young people in the development of an artistic work or cultural project,
  • to develop new skills through mutual learning as an artist/cultural/educational/social structure on the one hand and as a supervising pedagogical staff on the other;

Target audience of the projects: children, teenagers, young adults, families;


Recipients of the call

The projects must be proposed and implemented by individual artists or by individuals and teams from Luxembourg non-profit organisations. Any professional Luxembourg artist or an artist connected to Luxembourg and any organisation whose registered office and activities are based in Luxembourg may apply.

The following are eligible to submit a project:

  • Freelance and independent artists*
  • Companies, groups, ensembles or collectives of artists
  • Cultural institutions and associations
  • Educational and pedagogical structures in the formal and non-formal sector
  • Active structures for citizenship, integration and social action

* whether or not they have come together as a Luxembourg non-profit association.


Selection criteria

The selection will be made according to various criteria such as the relevance and originality of the project, suitability with the targeted theme or the technical and financial feasibility of the project.

The projects must be innovative in nature, allowing children and young people to discover the themes and challenges of the artistic and cultural world. They can be held partly “extra muros”, but must in large part allow participants to discover places of creation (artist’s studio, auditorium, museum, etc.). The projects should focus more on collaboration, exchange and transmission of know-how than on the preparation of a final product, even if this can be part of the project (show, exhibition, etc.).

The funded educational projects can be implemented:

  • in the context of creations/works in the process of being developed or planned;
  • around existing or old creations/works, whose pedagogical potential deserves, according to the project leader, to be harnessed today in a precise context;
  • as part of the preparation of a specific and temporary cultural project.

In all cases, the educational project must be linked to a specific artistic creation/work or cultural project.

Projects with a high potential for long-term impact will be given priority.


General and financial conditions

The amount of aid is determined according to the requirements and scope of the project and the estimated budget. It may not exceed EUR 7,000 per project.

The financial aid allocated to the selected projects should be considered as ad hoc support, allotted to specific projects of a specific duration. (Co-)financed projects must be new projects, in the sense that they do not fit into a plan already defined and financed previously. Under no circumstances may the financial support received by Fondation Sommer be used to finance general or operating expenses. It must be directly related to pedagogic activities carried out within the framework of the selected project. Expenditure generated prior to the submission of the application and prior to the official granting of support by the Foundation is not eligible for funding (principle of non-retroactivity). Fondation Sommer will verify the use of the amount received by requesting a financial statement, with accounting documents, at the end of the project.

Any financial support granted will be validated by the subsequent signature of a specific agreement between the main project leader and Fondation Sommer, specifying the obligations and rights of each party.



Projects receiving financial assistance from Fondation Sommer must participate in an evaluation procedure in order to assess the impact of the project.


Submission of applications

In order to confirm that your project is admissible and in line with the visions of Fondation Sommer, we advise you to contact the Foundation’s office early enough before submitting your application.

To apply, project leaders are asked to carefully read the rules of the call for projects (to be downloaded at the bottom of the page with the application form) and to send their application to the following e-mail address:

The files must include the following documents:

  • The official application form;
  • A detailed description of the project in terms of objectives, general artistic concept, implementation and target group(s);
  • A detailed financing plan with an indication of all expenses and revenue, including aid from other public and private structures;
  • Proof of involvement of project partners in the form of a letter of intent;
  • A copy of the body’s articles of association (or, for individual artists: an artistic CV);
  • For legal entities (asbl): a recent extract from the Luxembourg Business Register (LBR) as well as a recent annual activity report.

Optional documents: presentation brochures, newsletters, press kits or articles, video links, etc.

Failure to provide the requested supporting documents shall be considered as a ground for inadmissibility. On the basis of the documents sent, it is up to Fondation Sommer to examine the administrative admissibility of the application before forwarding it to the Selection Committee.

The decision of the Selection Committee is final and cannot be appealed.

Selected or non-selected project leaders will be notified by e-mail within a maximum period of one month following the deadlines for submitting applications.


Deadlines for submission

The next deadlines for sending the applications are:

  • February 27, 2024
  • June 11, 2024
  • October 8, 2024


Contact and information

Veronika Meindl, Project Coordinator
Telephone: (+352) 28 80 07 53


Regulation and application form

Download application form in word format (legal entities) (728 KB) Download application form in word format (individual artists) (728 KB)
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